A Wardrobe: Coming Soon To A Museum Near You

Met Costume Institue

It’s not just in Old Navy Ads that fashion is being eyed as art. The Cut (the fashion section of New York Magazine ) has a great article and slide show on how fashion has taken over the museum scene and populated exhibits everywhere.

And why not? On an aesthetic level, fashion is one of the few places that most people have a choice in creating a personal statement of their own on a daily basis. This holds true even when you think about how much influence fashion labels and magazines exert on the average person.

Let Miranda Priestly break that down.

Several aspects of fashion turn it into wearable art:  the cuts of clothing, the color choices, the intersection of graphics with material type and volume and social consciousness . The aesthetic and politics that informed Charles James is definitely different from the aesthetic and politics of a Vivienne Westwood. So why not view it in the way that one would take in a Rembrandt or a Pollack.

So, art is not dead. Not in the least. Especially not when you curate an entire exhibit based on shoes. Check out the article here.

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