When Art Comes From A Different Type of Artist

Fashion designer, Ron Bass has collaborated with music artists Chris Brown on a graffiti art project in Miami. This is in anticipation of this year’s Art Basel, which happens in Miami in December. The title of the piece is “You Are Love.” The two plan to have more art events during the Art Basel Festival. This is not Chris Brown’s first graffiti work. Some of his previous pieces drew criticism from neighbors in California

Chris Brown, Ron Bass "You Are Love"

Chris Brown, Ron Bass “You Are Love”

The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace

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When we think about all that Jay-Z has contributed to society, this line from  “Oceans” will stand out  as part of contemporary anti-Columbus Day mottos prone to be distributed across social media.  This year, it also became the title of a tribute exhibit for The Notorious B.I.G. at The Bishop on Bedford in Brooklyn.

Check the art chat podcast below.

ICYMI: Sugar Sphinx Will Be Back

A Subtletly Kara Walker

Last summer, the world traveled to Brooklyn for Kara Walker’s “A Subtletly,” shown at the old Domino Sugar Factory. The work in this exhibit pulled on the history of sugar plantation workers and also drew attention to the complicity of various subjects in the sugar (read: slave) trade. The room smelled of a syrupy sweet, that was almost saccharine.  While figures of young brown boys carried baskets and loads of sugar, the mammy figure-in larger than life sphinx format, sat in the back with bandanna tied, towering over the entire scene.


The show was also a test of time. As the days went by, the figures lost limbs, the sugar started to crystallize. People also lost their mind, as the line wound itself around the block and those with less than normal cultural sensitivities provided lewd and disgusting responses.

In case you missed all of that, you have been provided a second chance. The Sikkema Jenkins and Co. gallery will be sharing some pieces from the exhibit. Details here.

And for those that can’t make another trip to New York to look at the sugar babies, take comfort in the awesome video of Kara Walker and Ms. Ava Duvernay. This was produced as part of a video series for The Broad Museum’s “Un-Private Collections” artist talk series.


A Wardrobe: Coming Soon To A Museum Near You

Met Costume Institue

It’s not just in Old Navy Ads that fashion is being eyed as art. The Cut (the fashion section of New York Magazine ) has a great article and slide show on how fashion has taken over the museum scene and populated exhibits everywhere.

And why not? On an aesthetic level, fashion is one of the few places that most people have a choice in creating a personal statement of their own on a daily basis. This holds true even when you think about how much influence fashion labels and magazines exert on the average person.

Let Miranda Priestly break that down.

Several aspects of fashion turn it into wearable art:  the cuts of clothing, the color choices, the intersection of graphics with material type and volume and social consciousness . The aesthetic and politics that informed Charles James is definitely different from the aesthetic and politics of a Vivienne Westwood. So why not view it in the way that one would take in a Rembrandt or a Pollack.

So, art is not dead. Not in the least. Especially not when you curate an entire exhibit based on shoes. Check out the article here.