Welcome to my fun, unstuffy, not pretentious blog. OK, maybe it’s a little pretentious.

Art is Now Pop is a website dedicated to observing the art world from a fun pop culture viewpoint. The site grew out of Vanity Dark by Kimberly Thinks, which is an ongoing commentary on contemporary culture, arts, and politics.

The site’s origin can best be understood from this paragraph in my first post:

This post’s title: “…the art world doesn’t belong to the art world anymore” comes from an article written by Jerry Saltz of New York Magazine.  His argument is more about art, capitalism, and rich people. But if you think about mainstream and pop culture, a lot of it comes from what the upper classes have determined as worthy.  So if the art world belongs to the rich, it is eventually going to be  popular. And if Art is Now POP!, then it deserves the same treatment as everything else that’s pop. That includes tons of affiliates writing, commenting, and postulating.

So, that’s it.  Hope you enjoy. Have fun.  Feel free to contact me below:

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