Hotels, The Next Frontier

If you look, you will encounter some pretty cool art wherever you go. But it’s likely you will have to experience some awful uninventive dentist office art as well.  You know, the dead uninspired water color prints you encounter in your dentist office, municipal building lobby, and until now hotels? Well travelers, your weary eyes will no longer have to embrace the dreary.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that you can now sleep with Jeff Koons, (and not end up in a Italian adult “art” film.)  They list a few hotels that have upped their collections and documented the trend. The best is obviously the Dolder Grand in Zurich where you can do the running man or stanky leg with a Keith Haring sculpture.

Keith Haring,  Untitled.

Keith Haring, Untitled. PHOTO: DOLDER HOTEL AG


Fodors Travel obviously picked up on this article and re-sent their October 2013 piece “13 Hotels with Stunning Art Collections” to their email subscribers (note, I never subscribed but I started getting these last month). So if the Wall Street Journal makes Zurich look like fun, Fodors put the spotlight on The Four Seasons in Toronto where you can dine with Bob Marley over Campbell’s Soup. Honestly, all 13 hotels look pretty amazing.

Photo Credit: Christian Horan/Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Photo Credit: Christian Horan/Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts


So before you book your next trip, make sure to practice your stanky leg routine. It will come in handy for posing in the courtyard of your luxury hotel!