Issa Pineapple

I am never one to tell someone to stop short of their dreams. Look at these students, who without even thinking had their artwork featured in a museum. As reported on Mashable and other sources, Ruari Gray, a student at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen,Scotland left a pineapple in the museum as a joke. The pineapple ended up on display in a case.


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Someone will point to how much this devalues the art world, but what we should focus on here is everyone’s inner artist. Besides, pineapples are welcoming and experiencing a real fashion world moment now (more on that later).

And here’s a Boy Meets World clip where Eric shows off his inner art critic. If you didn’t see a monkey and a coconut, maybe you won’t appreciate the pineapple either.

New Digital Ish: Museum of Important Sh*t

Naturally when hearing Nick Cave has a new museum, you think of this guy.:


Nick Cave, Artist.

It seemed like an odd pairing, so the explanation made sense. The Museum of Important Shit is a digital archiving venture sponsored by musician Nick Cave. There’s not much remarkable included yet, unless Nina Simone’s gum holds some special importance in your life. But the idea of mass curation and never ending exhibits does hold some allure.

If you want to submit, check out the website here.