Chris Ofili’s Afro Muses

Chris Ofili's Afro Muses

One full wall of the recent retrospective, Chris Ofili Night and Day at the New Museum was comprised of several framed paintings. This work entitled Afro Muses is actually 181 watercolors painted over the span of a decade and originally put together with Thelma Golden for The Studio Museum in Harlem.

Love it!

Now let’s get them to sing!

No Woman, No Cry

Chris Ofili: Night and Day is a retrospective at the New Museum of the oft-praised British artist’s work. So much beautiful work, so much elephant dung, so much current commentary to be gleaned from his work.

Chris Ofili's No Woman, No Cry 1998

Chris Ofili’s No Woman, No Cry 1998

This piece was created in 1998 as a tribute to Stephen Lawrence, a London teenage who was murdered on a public bus in a racially motivated attack in 1993. The botched case did not result in any convictions until 2012. The painting represents Doreen Lawrence,  the mother of Stephen Lawrence, with images of the teen in each teardrop.

More about the Stephen Lawrence case here.

The original No Woman, No Cry

Chris Ofili: Night and Day is on view at the New Museum through 2/1/2015.