artnet’s 30 Art-Writing Clichés to Ditch in the New Year

Untitled, Keith Haring 1982 Source:

Untitled, Keith Haring 1982 Source:

This great list makes ever so much sense, especially when speaking to the casual art lover.

Number 9 is so at the heart of Art is Now Pop:

9) famous
There are artworks, artists, and art things that are legitimately “famous” (as in, you might find news of them in a non-art publication), like Michelangelo’s David or Thomas Kinkade’s The Christmas Cottage. Most often, what the author really means here is “talked about among art people.”

Because, it’s true. Some things are pop culture. Some are just art.

“…the art world doesn’t belong to the art world anymore.”

Most of us grow up informally interacting with art.   Because I can only process life as related to popular culture, I always saw connections between what was presented in the art world and my otherwise mainstream consumption patterns. The reasons behind this are as follows:

1. I was born and raised in the Art Capital of the World (New York-not Paris or wherever you’re thinking).

2. I have since chosen to live in or visit places with vibrant art scenes, and tend to partake in either the old formal art there or the newer art scenes (New York, Boston, London, Paris, heck…even  in Lisbon).

3.  My family and friends like to actively and purposefully seek out art. Some of them even create art.

4. I really liked history courses. And history teachers always want to reference what was happening in art at the time. Always.

So, with this being my life I can’t help but noticing the art world, as an establishment, cropping up in unexpected places. I came to the conclusion that  Art is Now POP! It’s pretty much mainstream and everywhere.

This post’s title: “…the art world doesn’t belong to the art world anymore” comes from an article written by Jerry Saltz of New York Magazine.  His argument is more about art, capitalism, and rich people. But if you think about mainstream and pop culture, a lot of it comes from what the upper classes have determined as worthy.  So if the art world belongs to the rich, it is eventually going to be  popular. And if Art is Now POP!, then it deserves the same treatment as everything else that’s pop. That includes tons of affiliates writing, commenting, and postulating.

Join me in a Pop Culture Revolution.